No more scribbling in the visitor book or issuing the badges,

Facial Recognition ability extends seamless
visitor management.

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  • 1 month free trial before subscription of $29.99 or contact our sales team.
  • Smart hassle free check-in and check-out.
  • Save time and money by making the front desk one of the most efficient points in the company.
How it works ?
VPass offers a hi-tech all-in-one smart digital check-in experience for your guests and employees!
VPass is a configurable cloud based Visitor Management Solution that streamlines your visitor management. VPass helps eliminate the need for a receptionist, making it the most efficient points in your company.
It does away with the obsolete pen and paper system of gathering visitor information and brings in a professional approach to visitor management. With VPass you can improve safety, security, and compliance for your visitors, contractors, staff, and assets.
How it works
Smart check-in
Employees and guests can check-in digitally in your business premise through a smart device and app.
Face Recognition
Verification of visitor is done by comparing face image captured first time hence avoiding buddy punching in the future.
visitor badge
Not only label printer prints a badge for the visitor to identify him/her but also sends it on their WhatsApp number and SMS to their phone.
Display Your Brand
Create a brand awareness by updating your logo and theme color to your VPass application.
Visitor Logs
Each visitor's information is securely stored and archived so you can access it if and when you need it.
automatic updates
Updates for the platform directly pushed to your system over the cloud.
Smart centralized guest registrations
Industrial Premises
Hotels & Resturants
Retail outlets
and many more...
Start Smart Digital Check-ins
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  • No more physical badges
  • Additional security via face detection
  • Accurate and fast check-ins and check-outs
  • Better record keeping and reporting.